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About Us


Established by R. Ramamurthy Iyer, a technocrat, in late October 1992, with an experience of more than 35 years and a wide range of experience and training on various Machine Tools and Equipments, to achieve the following objectives:


  • To educate the end-user on the basics and fundamentals of Lapping & Polishing technology.
  • Unnecessary secrecy was maintained by manufacturers from all over the world.
  • To establish processes based on the part parameters.
  • To establish incoming parameters critical to the Lapping & Polishing process.
  • To design and manufacture machines that is suitable for the process.
  • To design trouble free machines and simplified maintenance.
  • To assist the Small Scale Industries understand the importance of this process.
  • To supply Accessories, spares and consumables for the Lapping Industry.
  • To provide consultancy and free training to technical personnel at User’s place.
  • Continuously evaluate progress and achieve near excellence in the basics.