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Products: Precision Parallel Lapping Machines – ULM Series

Precision Parallel Lapping Machines: ULM Series: ULM 6 / 8 /10 /12 /14/ 18 / 24 / 32...

Machine Nomenclature Ø Lap Plate No.of Plates No. of Carriers Plate flatness Correction Pneumatic Pressure Motor Power Process Timer Table Top/ Floor model
ULM 6” 150 2 Single Automatic Top plate 0.25 1s-99H Table
ULM 8” 200 2 Single Automatic Top plate 0.25 Same Table
ULM 10” 250 2 Single Automatic Top plate 0.25 Same Table
ULM 12” 305 2 Single Automatic Optional Pneumatic 0.5 Same Floor
ULM14” 355 2 Single Automatic Pneumatic 1.0 Same Floor
ULM 18” 465 2 Single Automatic Pneumatic 1.0 Same Floor
ULM 24” 610 2 Single Automatic Pneumatic 2.0 Same Floor
ULM 32" 812 2 Single Automatic Pneumatic 3.0 Same Floor
  • Precision Parallel Lapping Machines with Pneumatic Pressure Control will have 3 Electronic Digital Process timers, and works on 3 Pressure control system. Contact for more details.
  • All above models with Variable Speed drive thru VFD
  • The top & bottom lap plates of Paraflat Precision Parallel Lapping Machines always retain their flatness and no need to do correction. This is a unique feature of our machines.
  • The groove pattern of both top and bottom lap plates may vary according to the parts to be lapped.

Universal Lapping Machines, with cylindrical Lapping facility:

  • Universal Lapping Machines have the same nomenclature as Precision Parallel Lapping Machines.
  • Universal Lapping implies – Flat Lapping, Precision Parallel Lapping and Cylindrical (O.D.) Lapping on the same machine with small changes in the setup
  • All models as above, with facility to rotate the Top Lap plate, with additional Side guide rollers.
  • All models with Variable Speed drive thru VFD


A new 3 roller concept for abrasive lapping and diamond lapping of outer diameter of pins and shafts requiring high accuracy is under development. Enquiries are welcome.

These machines would necessarily be suited to individual customer’s application.


  • Selection of Abrasive dispensing system will depend on the part parameters and output in addition to the consistency of the process.
  • Standard Abrasive Pumping System available.
  • Optionally, Slurry Agitator will be recommended as and when necessary
  • Electro-Pneumatic Standard Abrasive dispensing system without recirculation available.
  • Specially designed Electronic Pneumatic Diamond Slurry Dispensing + Lubricant available as a separate attachment to synchronize with the main machine timer with individual digital display and settings.

Salient & Unique features:

  • Standard abrasive slurry pump with tank can be supplied in various sizes and recommended based on the size of the machine and output parameters
  • Unique slurry divider attached to the pump output prior to the output flow regulator to minimize the abrasive clogging in the output line that is a common feature with other suppliers.
  • Mixing the abrasive slurry to maintain a homogenous mixture with the help of an Agitator is recommended based on the machine size, output and abrasive grain size selected.
  • Only manufacturer in India to design, develop and supply Electronic Pneumatic Diamond Slurry Dispenser as a separate attachment to any Lapping Machine, synchronizing with the Lapping Machine Process Timer.
  • Only manufacturer to design, develop and supply Electro-Pneumatic Abrasive Slurry Dispenser without a Slurry Pump to enhance optimum usage of the Abrasive Slurry and recommended in applications where recirculation of the slurry is not advisable.
  • Electronic Pneumatic Diamond Slurry Systems can be supplied with 2 containers – 1 container having Liquid Diamond and another container having Diamond Lapping Oil.
  • Optionally a single container mixed with Lapping oil and Diamond slurry with agitation can be supplied.
  • This is purely the end-user’s choice.