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Products: Single Side / Flat Lapping Machines: SSM Series

Single Side Lapping Machines: SSM -3R / L / D / P / VS / A / W

  • Only manufacturer to design and provide a rigid Spindle Housing, hardened spindle with heavy duty bearings lubricated for life.
  • The geared motor is attached to the bottom of the Spindle housing. The spindle shaft enters the gearbox and is firmly attached and secure.
  • The entire axial load from the top including the weight of lap plate, rings, dead weights/pneumatic pressure and all are taken up by the center plate and the bearings directly.
  • This design directly increases the life of the gearbox and ensure trouble free running for life. The gearbox is lubricated for life.
Machine Nomenclature Ø Lap Plate No.of Rings Rind i.d. Motor Power Process Timer Table Top/ Floor model
Dual Plate Lapper 6” 152 Nil N/A 0.25 1sec – 99hrs Portable
SSM 300 305 3 105 0.5 1sec – 99hrs Table Top
SSM 15” 381 3 140 0.5 1sec – 99hrs Floor
SSM 400 465 3 175 1.0 1sec – 99hrs Floor model
SSM 600 610 3 250 2.0 1sec – 99hrs Floor model
SSM 800 812 3 305 3.0 Same Same
SSM 900 914 3 350 3.0 Same Same
SSM 1200 1220 3 457 5.0 Same Same

3R – 3 Nos. of Rings, Optionally 4R – 4 Nos of Rings can be given, but i.d. will change.

L : This is generally for standard Lapping with abrasive slurries, and is understood and not given in the model nomenclature

D : For Diamond Lapping or Polishing, any type of lap plate, CI, Cu, Al, Glass, etc. This is named as Hard Lapping or Polishing

P : For Soft polishing of parts with Polishing pads and fine abrasive slurries.

VS : With variable speed drive thru VFD

A : Pressure by Air / Pneumatic Cylinders in lieu of dead weights

W : Water cooled base for the lap plate

  • The size of the machine is decided on the output of the part to be lapped or polished.
  • The type of lap plate and its groove pattern is decided based on the final output parameters to be achieved after the lapping or polishing process
  • The type of rings, with antifriction base or without antifriction base is decided based on the process selected.
  • Material of the conditioning rings may also vary based on the process selected.
  • In some unique cases the dead weights act as rings and no rings are provided.