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Electronic Monochromatic Cheklites: Highlights

Paraflat are the only manufacturers to design and develop electronic circuitry for Cheklites used for measurement of flatness of parts with the help of Optical flats, with distinct advantages.

Paraflat have designed, manufactured and supplied 5 different models:

  • Lab Model (View-in type): Dedicated to the size of the Optical Flat
  • Vertical Model: Similar to the only models available from competitors
  • Portable Model: Very useful for on the spot repairs of parts and checking
  • Wall type (Swiveling): For heavy parts, where parts are big and may spoil the optical flat
  • Hand held type: For checking lapped internal flat faces

Paraflat have also manufactured and supplied Cheklites integral and inbuilt in a lapping Machine, in our Dual Plate Seal Lapper, which no other competitor has supplied.

The main advantages of the Electronic Circuitry and its success are attributed to the following facts:

  • Consistent power factor
  • Spike and Surge arrestor inbuilt
  • In-built thermal control
  • The necessary current is released very slowly, thereby reducing shocks to the bulb
  • Life of the Sodium Bulb increases significantly
  • Unlike other Cheklites, any lose electric contacts, the bulb will flicker and cut-off, till the wiring is rectified
  • As a result of the above the life of the expensive bulb increases significantly
  • The Bulb achieves full brilliance (lumens) after about 10 to 15 minutes
  • Results in almost 40% power saving
  • Due to thermal protection, Paraflat Cheklites can be kept on for long hours without any fear of overheat

Paraflat Optical Flats:

Optical flats are extremely precision machined glass with high degree of flatness in Lambda range used for checking of lapped parts with the help of a monochromatic light source, viz., Cheklites.

Paraflat Optical Flats are available from diameters of 1”, 2”, 3” upto almost 14”

All Paraflat Optical Flats are precision machined having both faces as reference.

Paraflat Optical flats are the most economical among all optical flat suppliers and best suited for all mechanical components lapping and polishing