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Product : Part Flatness Gauge 2 Microns

Part Flatness Gauge 2 Microns

Paraflat Plate Flatness Gauge: (With Dual Micron Dial Gauges)

  • Lap plates on every lapping machine whether a Flat Lapping or a Double Side Lapping loses its flatness during the lapping cycle.
  • The out of flatness of the lap plates are checked at the inner diameter and the periphery of the lap plate.
  • The trough or track at the center of the lap plate is also checked separately.
  • However, Paraflat are the 1st manufacturer to design and develop the Plate Flatness Gauge that checks instant readings of complete out of flatness with the help of 2 nos of Micron dial gauges.
  • These micron dial gauges simultaneously show the concavity or convexity of the plate and also the track or trough created at the center of the lap plate.
  • Very convenient to handle, light in weight, yet very useful
  • These Plate Flatness Gauges are dedicated to the size of the lap plate.
  • These Flatness gauges are available for lap plates of diameters, 6, 10, 12, 18, 24, 32, 48
    1. Do away with the old style of checking with a straight edge and feeler gauges
    2. Do away with the tripod gauge that gives only one reading